I’ve always wanted variety in terms of books, books in different forms; hard copy books , soft copy books, audio books, free books… Well, I can explain. My sister introduced me to Audible, an application that allows you to listen to audio books and podcasts of your choice.

Audible is the plug in this age. If you’re a lover of audio books or would like to try out that venture, Audible comes in really handy. Life is busy as it is. With audio books, you are able to multitask your daily activities and chores as you listen to your favourite book or current read. On your way to and from work, cooking, washing, in the shower, well you get the gist.

Audible gives you a free trial service whereby you get your first book absolutely free and purchase the rest if you would like, or not. No pressure whatsoever.

Also, did you know that you can gift someone a book from Audible, even if they are already a member?

Sometimes you don’t want to flip pages either because you’re tired, feeling lazy, you’re handful or maybe you don’t want to keep scrolling pages, and might need a time out from screens because of too much lighting or whatever. That’s when Audible comes in.

Something else, Audible gives you several options of speed that you would like to listen in. For me, I’m listening at the good old 1x speed but I might start increasing the speed soon. Apparently there’s advantages in listening to books at twice as much speed or more, well apart from reading more books.

My advice to you? The regular readers, or the new reader, download the Audible app, it’s absolutely free and get a free trial of the first book. Audible has a variety of books to choose from. If there’s a book you’ve been wanting to read, try listening to it, or if you’re a fiction fan like me, there’s so much for you. My favourite authors right now are Ryan Holiday, Libba Bray, John Greene, Brandon Sanderson among others. You can check out some of their books. My first audio book off Audible was Before the Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray and friend… I’m thinking of listening to it again at 1.5x speed.

This is a way of saying sorry for disappearing on you guys but hey, I’m back like I never left. Which book are you currently reading? Are you reading any books right now? Maybe you can try listening to them via Audible?

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes in here from the last time I posted. This is all thanks to my friend @Kinya_Y who was kind enough to give us a facelift.

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I have an issue. Procrastination. So if there is anyone who sells or knows anyone that sells procrastination drugs at any price, let me know in the comments section. I’d like to support someone’s business.

There is always something about a black woman, whether you know it or not and it isn’t the beautiful melanin. It’s not a secret and neither is it a bad thing.

But we’re not here to talk about the beautiful, gorgeous black woman. We’re here to deal with the unpleasant, ugly even but daily happenings of our daily lives. Anger, hurt, grudges, forgiveness and manoeuvring past all these while maintaining your aura as a lady.

Being a woman in society is an interesting thing.It’s no secret that a black woman is an icon in society. A voice to reckon with. She delivers and reciprocates. She is a powerful figure.

However, when it comes to conflict, there is a bit of issues. It’s a trend among most black women around the continent. We, like every other human being get angry, we get offended, we get offensive. It’s high time we began dealing with these issues prudently. There’s a certain word very popular around or in the midst of black women. Drama. Whether it’s in our DNA, I’m not sure. Every other time an argument or disagreement erupts, wigs get yanked off of people’s heads and someone is getting scratched at the corner within a very short time. Can we stop these behaviours! For pete’s sake leave wigs on the head where they belong.

We tear ourselves up instead of building each other up. We’re our own enemies talking and plotting behind each others back. Disagreements are a norm in life. And I personally think they’re healthy. But when handled poorly, it results into hatred and many other things. We are equipped with wisdom, to help us handle situations with a lot of sagacity. As human beings though, we tend to slip since we’re imperfect.

A few weeks back. I tried it and I’m happy to announce that I’m safe and sound and happy and content. Most importantly though, the friendship is thriving. If any, it is becoming a safer place. So what had happened was, I felt offended by a friend. Two things happened. I was angry and I was starting to contemplate if the friendship was by then worth it. Don’t get me wrong, the friendship was very worth it but the anger was beginning to do something that it does every so often, cloud my judgement. Remember, the devil uses anger, he thrives in that situation. It’s his breeding site.

Kindly note that I have never had an altercation with a friend, female specifically and saw them the same way afterwards, or continued having a great friendship. I realise how toxic that sounds. There are many things I can blame. For instance society, people I’ve related with in friendships, upbringing and all that umbrella of life.

I realised that I was the problem. I hadn’t set standards for friendships as much as I’d set say romantic relationships. Ego was another huge factor. I realised that I had to become the friend that I want in my friends.

When I approached this friend, we’ll call her Blue, I was very calm, I shocked myself. Point to note, when you purpose to do something right and to become a better human being generally, your mindset follows. Long story short, when I opened up, she was able to see how I was offended and apologised correctly (Apologising is another huge topic that we’ll talk about some other day). Now, it was a
weird and uncomfortable conversation that needed to be addressed. It was quick though, I’m not one to enjoy being out of my comfort zone.

There are lots of things I saved myself from. A broken friendship, toxic energy, sadness, unnecessary stress, headache and generally negative energy. So what am I saying? Becoming a bigger person saves you from a lot of hurt. There’s a meme I saw that said “It’s not everyday be the bigger person, sometimes return to sender” but I digress. And I also realise that it’s not appropriate for what we are talking about but me being me, (insert your favourite emoji).

What a man ( but in our case woman) needs is not courage but nerve control, cool headedness. This she can get only by practice. __THEODORE ROOSEVELT


We come from way back, Birdie and I. Birdie, not her real name. We talk over the phone but we haven’t met since covid. She knows that I’m always off from work on Tuesday, so she called me on Monday evening and requested that we have lunch on Tuesday. By Tuesday morning, things were coming up. I had extemporaneous places to be. So I reached out to her and requested to postpone.

The thing about Birdie, she has a way of making things happen. She is able to organize for you to be at planet Mars by bicycle tomorrow afternoon. She did her thing and I was able to meet all the commitments I had. And true to it, by a quarter to two, I was going up the stairs to have lunch with her. I had to wait downstairs for two minutes though, because she wanted to surprise someone. Little did I know that I’d be the one getting surprised at the very end.

I see them seated at a table in the corner. Birdie is with Max (also, not his real name). Max and I also come from way back. The first thing I notice when I get to the table is that Birdie had added a pretty good amount of weight. I didn’t get an opportunity to ask questions because Max was getting angry. I don’t think he likes surprises. I didn’t ask.

When my food was brought to the table, Birdie decided to drop the bomb. Apparently they have a baby. An eight months old little girl. Birdie says that she found out that she was pregnant early last year while in school. She came back home almost immediately and her mum could see and feel that she was not okay.

“From there it went downhill.” says Birdie. From a carefree life and a lot of fun with the girls to solitude and a bulging stomach. At this point you don’t have the confidence to hang out with your clique anymore.

Max says that he found out about the pregnancy at four months. That he had to travel back home to see for himself. Doubting Thomases in the building. Birdie cannot explain why she didn’t tell him sooner. Max says that he told his mum after two weeks and surprisingly she was very supportive. “That was it for me,” he says, “the fact that my mum was already thinking ahead in terms of making sure the baby was healthy. I think my mind was waiting to be jumpstarted”.

At this point I’m very angry. I ask Birdie why she didn’t tell me and she says that she was going through so much at the time. She says that the depression was something. That she cut off a lot of friends. She also avoided video calls like the plague. I tell them that I’ve always regarded them as my very close friends and that I feel cheated. Denied an opportunity to become a friend, to lessen their burdens and worries. Isn’t that what friends do?

I ask Max how he managed everything and he says that at first it was hard. He says “You kinda learn how to be a dad along the way. Nowadays ni kubuy diapers tu”.

Birdie shows me photos of the baby from the phone. She’s one adorable baby. So beautiful. She is one chubby doll. Max says that it’s been eight months of buying diapers. Eight months of being a dad.

They say they disagree often but for the sake of the baby they have to do certain things differently. One thing they disagree with often is posting the baby’s photos online. Birdie is used to that kind of life. Sharing with the world photos every so often. Max on the other hand prefers to keep things on the private. He wants their daughter to grow up and decide whether or not she wants to be posting her photos on Instagram.

I complain about sanitizers making my hands so dry and Birdie is kind enough to carry lotion. She pulls out a pink Cussons baby lotion from her purse and hands it to me. She says it was lying around in the house and she decided to make it useful. That their baby is allergic to the pink lotion so they prefer the blue lotion.

“Isn’t it the same, the contents inside?” I ask. “I thought the difference between the two lotions is the colour of the bottle.” Even though I knew that I wasn’t gonna argue with parents.

“Now that each of you lives with your parents, how do you manage co-parenting?” They say that Birdie visits some days at Max’s and stays there for three days. Most times though it’s Max that goes to Birdie’s home to check on them.

So how are your parents taking the whole thing?

Max says “Our parents have been very supportive. My mum is constantly making an effort to try and build a relationship with Birdie. They are not there yet but it’s a work in progress”.

They tell me that the baby’s birthday is 12th October. That I should start thinking about a gift. They are not planning something big. “It’s just a kasmall party for her as she turns one” says Birdie. They are ready to share their little bundle of joy with their close friends.

We had been talking about the baby for three hours when I realised that I didn’t know the baby’s name. They say that she is called Naya. Naya G. When I ask what the G stands for, Max says it’s the first letter of his second name. Birdie says that they will give the baby a Pokomo name later since Birdie is Pokomo.

We get distracted for a minute because Birdie remembers that they needed wipes for the baby. They almost start arguing, with Max asking “Didn’t we buy those last week? I’m so sure we bought them when we were buying this month’s diapers”.

It’s very awkward for me now. I don’t know what to say. The voices are going up and the people in the next table are beginning to turn.

When we left that restaurant, I couldn’t explain how I was feeling. We all headed to the supermarket because they had to buy baby wipes and I had a few things to get for myself. By then the argument was long forgotten. Birdie was talking about how she has gained baby weight and how her trousers no longer fit. Max is saying that he’s been trying to get her to the gym but that Birdie is so stubborn.

“So, when am I meeting Naya?” I ask. Birdie says she’ll video call me when she gets home and then we can do lunch again next week but this time around, with Naya.

By this time we had already paid for the shopping and were headed out. I realised then that they hadn’t bought baby wipes. I tell Birdie “I think mumesahau baby wipes”. She tells me “Nah, we buy them in bulk from my mum’s shop”.

We walk a few blocks and Max says “We have another surprise for you”. I was silently praying that it’s not another baby. They tell me that it’s major so I had to prepare myself. Then I thought, maybe they have a ruracio. Maybe they want to get married.

“You’ve been pranked!” says Birdie “Their is no baby, this fat is just me dealing with quarantine. Nowadays I use baby lotion on my hands because my hands are sensitive.” Max adds that that the photos of the baby I had seen were of Birdie’s little cousin.

I went silent. I think it’s safe to say that I will never recover. They say silence is a weapon, a coping mechanism. Leave heartbreaks alone, there is no way I can ever come back from this. My mind refuses to be told that there is no baby. That Naya G. does not exist.

If you ask me, I think there is a difference between a prank and manifesting something using a story.

I’m not trying to be retributive but please, email me pranks. Dangerous ones, malicious ones. I need to annihilate crime.

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In the Life

Vivre sans temps mort. (Live without wasted time.)


You see how you save people’s names in your phone, then after some time you confuse people or may not even know who is who? That’s how I got a gig. I was called and told to report for an interview on Monday morning. It’s covid mahnn, things are tough, business is not good (I don’t have a business, don’t be fooled). So I went, well armed with masks, sanitizer and gloves. I don’t play.

I was feeling guilty because that opportunity wasn’t meant for me. But then I remembered, mipango ya Mungu.. So Monday morning, with all the confidence and all the guilt, I was present. We were all allowed into that board room at once. No sooner had we began than an interviewer realised that something was wrong. Someone was missing. Sweating and with a mask on is not something you’d want. You feel so hot, you want to ask for a glass of water but then again you’re in an interview and it’s 8 am, you don’t want to be that person.

The interview was halted.

At that moment, I felt that everything was going down the drain. I have been warned before of counting eggs before they hatch but I don’t seem to listen. Ooh but the high hopes and the expectations! There are things we do and it hits us almost immediately that there is no going back. Like the people I’d promised to take out for lunch at the end of the month.

Long story short, she was called and asked to report. Everyone was happy. I was happy, she was happy, we all were happy. At the end we signed contracts, ready to begin working.

Working is a whole other story. The transition is so loud. From washing your hand when you need to, during the day because you don’t leave the house, to washing your hand whenever you touch anything. The chair, the surface, the book on the desk, the door knob and even when you think you’ve touched anything. It’s crazy.

Of obnoxious managers, where do I begin? Are all bosses this domineering? And with the heaviest of accents and attitude it can be a bit hard, but I came prepared. The positivity is unmatched.

There is this lady stationed next to me. She is called Ann. I hear she does music part time. They say she has Kikuyu songs on YouTube. Please don’t ask me questions I can’t answer. Day one was just fine, everyone minding their business. Day two she began small talk. It’s not that I don’t like her. It’s just that I don’t understand her. She barely has her mask on and if that is not enough, she touches everything.

Yesterday, she wasn’t okay. I could tell. She had a cough. The thing is, she had her mask on the chin as she coughed. She left earlier too because she was feeling kinda tired. I hope that for her sake and ours, it’s not what I’m thinking.

Lunch hour is a hustle because you kinda want to go eat at your kawaida places, Vibandasky (maybe, maybe not) but then you don’t want to mingle with covid.

Today Ann came back. She says she didn’t go to the hospital. That she woke up feeling better today and reported to work. She is more chatty today. For some reason she is talking more about how body weight has a mind of its own. I like her better today. She seems to be following the MoH guidelines too. Also she seems nice. I don’t know, I think I’ve lowered my standards or is it letting down my guard?

I’m getting used to this everyday.

A question, do you people wash your masks (non-surgical)? Actually, after how long do you wash them?

I feel like people have relaxed on precautionary measures, and I understand. At times it’s just too uncomfortable. The thing is, we need this pandemic to leave sooner and for that, we all have to strictly follow the guidelines given to us. Also, we’ll need you after the pandemic so please wear a mask.

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Twenty-Two: Letters to a young woman searching for meaning // Review

By Allison Trowbridge.

After writing my first book review, my friend Joy was kind enough to send me this book, Twenty-Two Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning. The first thing I noticed obviously is the cover. Oh but is it beautiful! I know they say do not judge a book by its cover but there’s just something about books with beautiful covers. They call on your name.

On reading the praises wrote for the book, a certain Jeannie Mai said “If I could speak to the younger me, I would have nothing to say. I’d just slap her with this book” and I found that hilarious. Also, I am a woman searching for meaning. I had hoped that the book would be humorous but that wasn’t the case. Either way, it filled voids it was meant to fill and taught lessons it was meant to teach. A win win. I will say though that it took me a bit longer to complete it. Maybe because I prefer books that make me laugh that I lose my cool. Oh well.

The letters were many, 22. I loved that Allison incorporated photos.

Allison Trowbridge wrote 22 letters to a fictional character Ash, who was in college. These letters were meant to guide her and help her through as she studied, made decisions, figured out God’s purpose for her life and most importantly lived life.

“Don’t be everything, Ash be you.

Don’t do everything. Do you.

There’s only one you, and the world needs you desperately.” That spoke to me loud and clear and I couldn’t agree less. There is a lot of pressure in the world that we live in brought by the need to be and do everything. Yet we only have to be us.

Do you know the difference between Chronos time and Kairos time? Chronos time is time that is quantifiable, measurable, dependable and immutable. It’s all about the clock and the minutes, seconds and hours in it. Allison describes it as the time of alarm clocks and flight schedules. Kairos time on the other hand is measured by moments and not minutes. She says that Kairos is living, kinetic, moving, breathing and expanding. She goes ahead to say that if chronos clocks, then kairos creates.

I think I made my decision after reading that. Kairos time is what I want in life. To make memories with whatever thing I put effort into. Even as I write this, I want to look back and know how I felt as I wrote this and how great my tea tasted.

What qualities would you want from a partner? Allison thinks you should have a list with all the traits you’d want in a girl/boy. Also, that you should be your list by possessing the qualities that you’d want to see in someone else.

I learnt some valuable lessons on family and friendships from this book. Allison believes that God gives us the family he does in order to teach us how to love others. She says that rather than complain about someone who’s in your circle for life, or even a season, see it as an opportunity for your heart to grow. Maybe they have something to teach you. Also that it’s our life’s privilege to love people. It’s an honour to participate in the unfolding of their stories. That we cannot pretend to care for the world if we do not care well for those we love.

I loved the fact that Allison saw things from a christian’s eye. From what the Bible says, from the message of love to peace, growth, direction and God’s purpose for our lives.

I like the inspirational quotes in the beginning and the end of every chapter. For instance:

I can be changed by what happens to me, But I refuse to be reduced by it. Maya Angelou

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who only dream by night. Edgar Allen Poe

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Jesus of Nazareth

This book is a journey, a story of love, pain, hurt, growth, suffering, being real, victories, disappointments, feelings of every kind. In short, it’s a book you have to read.

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Shredder Season’s about time y’all. It’s time to tear up scripts that we’ve written or were written for our lives that we feel the need to stick by, yet they limit our potential. We have believed lies for way too long. That we’re unable, we can’t do it, we’re not enough, we’re unworthy, we’re not smart, we’re not beautiful, we’re lazy, weak, too fat, too thin and all that negative shit. No way! No more!

It is upon us to brainwash ourselves. All those lies that we have believed, we’re shredding them. People’s opinions about us, we are tearing those apart. So what if Suzanne thinks you’re not good enough? Atleast you’re being who you are, authentic, and that is enough. So someone made you feel unworthy in high school? Guess what, You Are Worthy! You are beautiful, you have the ability to do great things and no one can take that away from you. You may not be the smartest in the room but believe that you’re the smartest anyway. That’s a step. Work on that attitude girl! And boy.

Some people are lucky to have been brainwashed when they were young. Growing up, they were told that they were the best and were capable of doing anything they wanted. And growing up, it was already in them. They knew they were full of potential and no one could make them believe otherwise. Have you met people who have a lot of confidence, like a lot? They may not be the best at what they do but they sure are very successful in their field. The power of brainwashing! In pre-school when your mom or dad or guardian bought you ridiculous outfits to wear on talents day or during the fashion show, and told you that you looked epic, you’d walk around believing that you wore the best, dressed to kill.

If you’re reading this, then consider this blog a memo. That is how we’re going to roll around here. Yes, we’re taking matters into our own hands. We are brainwashing ourselves. And today is a great day to begin! We’re not complaining no more, we are making bold moves. We are being our authentic selves and we’re improving ourselves. Someone said that wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are and mann, isn’t that true? All this whole package inside us yet we try to become like somebody else, a fake! No, not us.

Is it easy all the time? Definitely not. Rome wasn’t built on one day. You are your greatest investment, so you are going to work your butt off to improve yourself. So you, like almost half the population of Kenya, is trying to lose weight..of course it is going to seem difficult at first. But we’re not quitters around here. You put your best foot forward. The beauty of things is beginning. How are you going to know whether you’re a good baker or a terrible chef if you don’t begin? We are shredding insecurities and all’a that ugly stuff. It’s not for us.

If you’re a Christian you know that the bible says that we can do all things. Tell me, who is to say that you can’t? I guess all I’m trying to say y’all is that I need us all to win coz I’m tired with all the negative things, self-annihilation. Aren’t you tired of people around you who complain all the time and do nothing but bring you down? If you ask me, I think it’s time. To work on those things that matter like health, integrity, giving, growth, peace, love… And if anything gets in the way of our happiness, we are shredding it.

We are only going to be accepting positive criticism and nothing less. We are working hard and we’re striving to be better human beings for ourselves and others.

I was reflecting and I realised that a setback I’ve had as an individual is not beginning. Not joining that music class or the baking class or starting a business or a book or a podcast or a garden or planting a flower, you name it. Freaking starting something. If you’re like me, it’s not pretty… It feels like you’re pregnant with so many things inside you that need to be birthed, but they can’t. They’re stuck inside you. If this is you, be strong, I kinda know your struggle. For most of us it’s fear and we need to overcome it and run from it as you would a plague.

I was hoping that as you’re shredding, that you wouldn’t ignore your own thorns. Those little or big things here and there that prick people around you. Like anger, pride, dishonesty, manipulation, hatred… No one is perfect but it’s upon us to purge some things in order to be a better version of ourselves. Also, forgive people!

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Allowing you into my mind// This needs to be told

Hey people😍😍 It’s that day! A new blog is up. Please like, comment and share. Thankss❤When the heart hardens, it makes any other form of persuasion difficult. I settled on the palazo pants, a bralette and a decent blazer. If you looked clearly at the moon that night you couldn’t miss light oozing out which was somewhat odd since who doesn’t know that it’s only fireflies who pay taxes down there.

Reincarnation was set to happen at 2200hrs. For the first time ever, I planned prior that I wasn’t gonna run late and I followed through. Now, everybody knows that the person next to you determines everything. I had to stand next to my nemesis. By all means the next life was going to be decided by me. As for my dressing, honestly speaking I got tired and a tad bit worried. Paris fashion week had shown me how worse it can get. I didn’t like it, but I could stand it. That was as mad as it could get. Period!

A certain all smiling oldie was the boss. I could tell. He’d go around greeting people as if life was going on just fine. I didn’t like him. He had a kind of air around him that almost seemed that he planned to make us all his slaves in the next life. The alarm went off. It was time! Already! At that point there was no turning back. This is where you start wondering whether you’ll turn out as an OCD, a Dj, a goat, someone’s favourite shoe or even worse a black eye in the next life. Then the count down began. From 10 to 1, so short. Everything lied between those few numbers that don’t even include my favourite number.

We were all sitting in yoga position for some reason. That should have been an indication. At 10, there was no going back..then 9,8, at 7 I could bet I felt something in me change, like more bones and less flesh or fur or pines. Then I heard my name being called out. I admit, I was silently praying that I wouldn’t end up in a classroom..No more! Then my name was called again. Looking up, guess where I am, Mediheal hospital waiting bay. This is where you’re wondering if I ended up as a sick patient in hospital, or a nurse or a receptionist. In real sense though, there was no reincarnation. I was, infact, sick. I had a bad cold and had gone to hospital.

As to why I’d completely zone out and think about reincarnation, which I don’t even believe in, I can’t tell. Maybe it was the smell of hospital which I completely loathe or the fear of injections, which I’m not proud of. All I can say is that medical practitioners need our prayers during this period. I can’t help but feel compassion for the sick. Hospital experience is not the best. My heart goes out to all people who are infected or directly affected by Covid 19. They need our prayers people.

On matters current affairs, seems we’re going back to school soon. I’m happy. What are your thoughts on removal of lockdown in counties, flights resumption and opening places of worship?

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This book ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’

Hey guys😊😊 A new blog is up. Please follow, comment and share.So among those things I’m currently reminiscing, chats with friends. The smart conversations, silly ones, corky ones, the inspirational kind (which quite frankly were few).

This friend of mine says to me one Tuesday, “Have you ever felt so unachieved before?” Now, you can tell that this was one of those serious convos. “That was me before Girl, wash your face…and that is not a mantra it’s a kickass book baby, by Rachel Hollis”

At that time I was so busy with school and life but I had to find time to read a book recommended to me coz boyy…I know how it feels when you don’t have someone to discuss a book with. That and plus I’m not the kind that fancies disappointing friends.

I have to say that I was reluctant at first when I saw the book. It is written for older women if I do say so myself. When I read it..y’all it’s suitable for all genders. It is the voice of a life coach and is funny which is a bonus. I personally felt pushed to work on goals that I’d piled over time because I didn’t feel confident enough to make a start or was lazy. So what was my take home?

• Stop comparing yourself

• Surround yourself with positivity

• Start with a small goal

• Be careful with your commitments

• Be honest with yourself

• Set goals, not time limits

• Stop medicating

• Stop giving away pieces of yourself

• Stop the negative self-talk

• Stop abusing your body

• Stop putting your goals off for tomorrow or Monday or next year

There’s more where these came from, so get yourself a Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face copy.

Meanwhile, I’ve finally beat my fear for cats and I’m so proud. I think they are smart animals/pets. I’m definitely not a cat lady but I can stand them. Baby steps right? That’s one of my milestones guys. Come to think of it, I think it’s funny how we validate some of our fears..ooh well, story for another day.

I hope you’re safe, keeping your distance and washing hands. Who knows, this virus might disappear tomorrow and surprise us all…I hope. But before then, why don’t we read some books and be productive and beat this thing mentally?

Would you recommend to me some of the books you’re reading this period? I’d love to add great books to my list.

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Love & love,


It’s just a layover's just a layover/If you ask me, we all needed this. No, not the many deaths and many infections and all the negative things that came with this alien pandemic. You see, the early mornings, late nights, busy days, sulky days, happy days, boring days, Fridays, Mondays, all the events of our daily lives were having us behave like machines…literally.

Then it just stopped! Is the purpose for us to fail and incur losses and feel depressed? No, I don’t think so. I believe we were going too fast and we needed to be reminded to take control of our own lives and those of our loved ones. To live quality lives and to offer kindness to the people around us. Above all, to be hopeful about tomorrow.

In the meantime, why not work on that garden you’ve always wanted to have or read that book that has always been on your bedside table or enrol on an online course? There is always something at the back of our minds that we always want to try out. Better still, why not try a new talent or continue that dream that seemed impossible or that you didn’t have time for.

Have you tried just sitting under a tree? There are so many things that we took for granted y’all. If you think about it, it has it’s own blessings be it big or small, it’s own small achievements right? Some of us thought we’d run mad with nothing to do but we’re perfectly fine. The plan B,C,D…Z of trying to make an income. It goes to show that we have so much potential in us.

What does this mean… Once things go back to normal, we’ll be more thankful, more deserving of our jobs, families and friends, making more money, living better and quality lives, and being more intentional generally. I kinda feel that we won’t go back to normal y’all but that it will be a new improved way of living and all this will be behind us.

Please share with me the things that keep you sane during these trying times in the comment section.

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It’s a debut y’all

Hey Guys, Hey!
       Finally…I’ve waited for this moment long enough. But they say good things take time. So I’ll just assume that years haven’t gone by before I began my own blog.

I’m a lady, in my early 20s who is passionate about everything lifestyle. As I begin this journey it’s with hope that it will fulfil me in various ways as we learn from each other and have fun.

Let’s walk beside each other as we talk relationships, school life, goals&dreams, story times, workouts, pamper routines, great books, spirituality, life hacks, recipes and all the good stuff😊

The content will be suitable for people who, like me are passionate about lifestyle and leaving a mark in the world in one way or another. Let’s learn, grow and be happy together.

Please leave your comments below. I would like to hear from you.

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